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Mode at NewFronts 2015 – Motion Graphics

Category : Motion Graphics Aug 18th, 2015

Project Overview

These are some graphics I animated for Mode Glam earlier this year. The graphics were part of a video that was used as a sales tool and for PR during NewFronts 2015.

The video features a device “parade” highlighting the Mode Glam channel on multiple devices, as well as an infographic indicating the percentage of female Millennials it reaches.

Animation Style

For the animation, I focused on giving the transitions some character. I also had to consider the tone and purpose of the video—to sell and promote the fashion and beauty-focused Mode Glam channel at a professional industry event.

The character comes in through anticipating into the transitions, and adding follow-through out of the transitions before the move comes to a complete stop. I played with angles where possible, such as the slanted transition from live-action to graphics, as well as the way the “86%” spins slightly into the female figures. The focus was to make the animation smooth and slick, and avoid it becoming too bouncy.